Satisfaction according to Praxis

Satisfaction is the driving force of the business global performance. The concept of satisfaction can be divided into two main areas.

-Customer satisfaction is in direct connection with their long-term loyalty. Loyalty allows you to increase your turnover, ensure a positive word of mouth and therefore generate value.

Satisfaction survey results  are used on several levels :

  • They help to confirm the suitability of your strategy for your market,
  • They allow you to differentiate from the competition,
  • They allow you to identify your customers operational expectations and adapt your product and/or service offer to better meet these needs and protect your price and margin.
  • The concept of satisfaction also involves your employees : a higher employee satisfaction leads to a higher performance. The well-being of the employees and their level of support to the project are key factors to motivation and commitment.

These  2 factors are powerful levers to improve the  global performance of the company and lead to a better economic performance.

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