Mesurez la satisfaction de vos clients et améliorez-la


Nous vous accompagnons aussi bien dans la mesure de la satisfaction, que dans la détermination et la mise en place d’axes d’amélioration.

La mesure

Customer Satisfaction Survey

This is the measurement to be conducted to help you prioritize your actions for strategic improvement. The choice of actions will be based on a precise assesment of the performance of your company in terms of customer satisfaction.

Feedback Management: the real-time measurement of customer satisfaction

During a product delivery, while your product or service is being used, after a call to your customer service department… all those interactions are relevant to measure the opinion of your customers!

Employee surveys

What do your colleagues think about their work environment? How do they perceive their future within your company?

Le conseil

Action plan implementation following a customer satisfaction survey

Define and implement your actions plans following a customer satisfaction survey; scheduling, project management.

Customer Journey

Working on your customer journey is referencing accurately all the existing touch points between a customer and your company, assess each of those touch points and re-think the relationship with your customers ; all of these for improving your customer satisfaction.

Customer-centricity: diagnosis and development

Assess the level of customer-centricity of your teams and nurture their “customer-first” culture.

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