Social barometer

The success of your company  depends on your teams’ understanding and support of your project.

Several major concerns matter :

  • Giving everyone the chance to express themselves, so as to get the most realistic feedback,
  • Analysing the gaps of perception on a given subject between the executives, the managers, and the employees, so as to unite the teams,
  • Giving meaning to the notion of happiness at work that creates commitment and leads to high performance.

How to share your vision of the future? Where do you want to « lead » your team? How do they live their present? How do they see their future in your company? What are the main improvements to consider?

Answers to these questions give HR managers a better view on the situation, the social context, and the improvement areas to build a positive future.

You will also benefit from our benchmark of thousands of respondents from France and the main European countries.

Let us study together your need