Satisfaction survey

Regardless of your business industry the satisfaction of your customers is the cornerstone  of your success. Because your customers will be more loyal. Because they will more easily recommend you and because gaining new customers represents an significant expense, particularly in the BtoB world.

This is PRAXIS historical core business. Eventually, it is a real attempt to manage customer satisfaction. Our surveys aim at measuring your customers satisfaction in the long term and create the dynamics to improve their level of satisfaction.

Based on the analysis of your situation, your target, your customer experience and your objectives, we will suggest the most appropriate techniques: telephone, web, face-to-face interviews … and define together the most appropriate  segmentation basis to obtain a representative sample.

We conduct our surveys with custom-made questionnaires based on customer experience. We also include the customer effort measure whenever needed.

The data are processed by our team and we produce a presentation and recommendations. We can also arrange for a presentation to your staff and organize workshops, training sessions, as well as follow up on your action plans. Our strength is our ability to set  up action plans that will help you improve over time, providing you with relevant advice thanks to a relevant interpretation of the result and helping you turn them into actions..

You will benefit from our set of benchmarks to assess your performance by comparing it to the rest of your industry … Our benchmark (helps you identify your strengths and weaknesses).

Let us study together your need