Privacy policy for respondents to our surveys

Privacy and the protection of personal information are important issues that we take very seriously.

PRAXIS guarantees strict confidentiality and the utmost respect of respondents’ privacy in relation to all of our surveys, whether they are administered by telephone, post, the internet, or are carried out face to face.


We work in conformity with the French Data Protection Act of 6 January 1978 (French law n° 78-17), as amended pursuant to the European Directive 95/46/EC concerning the protection of individuals with regard to the processing and movement of personal data, and in accordance with the ICC/ESOMAR International Code of Marketing and Social Research (


All respondents taking part in the surveys that we conduct do so on a purely voluntary basis. Responses are optional at each stage of every survey and for every question asked.

When presenting our surveys to potential respondents, we introduce ourselves and explain the subject of the research. Advertising, promotional activities, direct marketing, and direct sales are never within our remit. Our role in carrying out surveys is never for advertising or promotional purposes with regard to the respondents interviewed.


Composition of the samples for our surveys:
Our surveys are either conducted among contacts from our clients’ databases, or by random manual selection from a directory database (in order to ensure that the survey is fully representative) rented from a specialist service provider.


For telephone surveys, the numbers dialled are drawn randomly and manually by our interviewers. To ensure that the sample is representative, the same telephone number may be dialled several times by our interviewers if there is no response or if the line is busy.


In order to constitute our final sample, and to ensure that it is statistically representative of the population surveyed, we generally apply the “quota” method: the sample is based on the same segmentation characteristics as our client’s customer base.

The conducting of questionnaires by interviewers:

Our telephone interviewers are recruited according to high quality standards; they receive training and are closely monitored in their work. Telephone surveys undertaken may be listened to by supervisors for the purpose of training interviewers.


Occasionally, and with the exception of self-administered studies (by internet or by post), we may get back in touch with some respondents a few days after their initial interview, for reasons of monitoring and quality control of the work carried out by the interviewer.


Data collected from the survey:

PRAXIS guarantees that the information collected will only be used in the context of undertaking the work commissioned by its clients.

In cases where a survey is administered using a contact information file provided by the client (customer files in particular), PRAXIS will only use these contact details for the purpose of the survey concerned and will only retain them for the time required to the carry out the research. The contact information file will then be destroyed. Minimum and maximum retention times and the procedures for maintaining and destroying your personal information are clearly defined.


In accordance with Article 40 of the French Data Protection Act, respondents may at any time contact the client that commissioned the research in order to exercise their right to access and correct their personal data.


Sometimes, for some surveys, we request respondents’ consent to submit their answers along with their contact details to the client that commissioned the research. For respondents wishing to remain anonymous, their answers are treated in a strictly statistical manner, and the client is only supplied reports that include data that does not identify the individual responses of those wishing to remain anonymous.


Cookies in online surveys:

In the case of online surveys, data transfer may use cookies on a temporary basis while the survey is being carried out. Cookies are small files that are placed automatically on respondents’ computers, and are used for technical purposes to allow the correct transmission of information, to ensure that a respondent does not fill out the same survey twice, and to send reminder messages to specific contacts if they have not fully completed a questionnaire.

We may also collect the following information: type of browser, operating system, date/time of connection to the survey, and stopping point in the survey if it has not been fully completed. This information is used only for the purposes of analysing trends and managing our surveys as effectively as possible. Under no circumstances do we use cookies to analyse respondents’ exposure to online advertising.


For further information about our privacy policy and the processing of personal data by PRAXIS, you can contact:

14 rue professeur Deperet

69160 Tassin La demi-Lune


For questions relating to a specific survey, please tell us as much as possible about the object of the survey in order for us to be able to correctly identify it.

If in doubt about the source of a call for a survey claiming to be conducted by PRAXIS, please do not hesitate to telephone us on: 00 33 (0) 4 78 34 35 53


Our guarantee to users of our website
The information that PRAXIS collects about the users of its website (e.g. from the “Contact Us” section) is only used to reply to users or to follow-up on their requests. This information is never transferred to third parties.

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