Measure the quality of your service

The objective : measuring the difference between the service that you want to offer, and the perception of the service obtained by your internal or external customers.

The  « internal customer » approach usually concerns the support services provided to your staff by your company such as IT and  human resources services for instance.

As for the « external customer » approach, it requires the realization of all the main scenarios that you may consider, at every stage of the relationship: commercial requests, information on pending orders, customer complaints…

In both cases, the performance will be measured either through mystery studies (visit, calls, emails …), or through satisfaction surveys.

PRAXIS developed specific methods, such as the SATISFACTIL package which aims at measuring IT services users level of satisfaction. This measure meets the needs of the CIO to improve the internal customers level of satisfaction.

Our package includes a base questionnaire that will be adapted to you, as well as analyses and a comparison with a benchmark including thousands of respondents so as to provide you with an appropriate and relevant action plan.

Let us study together your need